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Innovative research

Neolys offers reliable technology based on 10 years of rigorous and innovative research. Through a partnership between academic and industrial laboratories, fundamental work on individual radiosensitivity has led to the development of predictive tests.

Analysis of ATM protein involved in the repair of DNA double-strand breaks

Our tests are based on data from the INSERM UMR 1296 radiobiology unit in Lyon, gathered from an important collection of radiosensitive patients’ human cells. 

ATM: the key protein

The researchers have shown that a key stress response protein called ATM ("Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated") shuttles in the cell nucleus to trigger the repair of DNA damage. Any absence or delay of this protein leads to a specific level of radiosensitivity.

Development of two biological tests

Neolys Diagnostics developed a range of tests based on this protein. With a patient’s sample (blood/skin/tumor), these tests define the therapeutic window which is specific to each patient. They are therefore invaluable decision-making tools for physicians.  


Our tests are developed with the participation of several partners in Europe and have been the subject of numerous clinical studies. 


Predicting acute severe toxicity for head and neck squamous cell carcinomas by combining dosimetry with a radiosensitivity biomarker: a pilot study

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"Méthode prédictive rapide pour caractériser la radiosensibilité et/ou le risque de toxicité tissulaire d'un individu envers une irradiation"

Brevet WO2018229439A1 Neolys Diagnostics

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