In oncology, personalized medicine is key

Neolys Diagnostics develops rapid biological tests to provide an adapted treatment to each patient.

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Risk prediction

We are not all equal when it comes to radiation: Evaluating patients' individual radiosensitivity allows clinicians to optimize their radiotherapy treatment and improve their patients’ quality of life.


Test implementation

A simple blood sampling or a small skin biopsy is performed by the physician. We can then isolate and cultivate the cells of interest from this sample in order to carry out our predictive tests.


Decision making

We provide the physician with a detailed report, which is a decision-making tool in itself. Physicians can then rely on this report to adapt patient care.


Treatment personalization

Our solutions optimize radiotherapy treatments’ efficiency while avoiding toxicities for patients.


Ongoing innovation

Our R&D unit aims to conceive, develop and optimize innovative tests, to make them accessible to everyone.

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